“Any good music must be an innovation.”

Acme entertainment has always been looking for innovative moves to move music industry on the path where it should be by making mesmerizing music, which has travelled through many hearts.

Having a vast experience of 18 years in the industry, Acme has released more than 100 music albums, 100+ videos and over 1000 events till now.

Keeping a mission to develop talented artists and allow them to have ample of time with the proper resources to produce timeless masterpieces. Acme has managed many artists exclusively over a period of time such as Yo Yo Honey Singh, Romey Gill, Jassi Sidhu, Money Aujla, J Star, and Alfaaz to name a few.



Dolly Singh
Money Aujla
King Kazi
Brown Gal
Ayush Talniya
Stylish Singh



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    BRAND SERVICES /storm Management offers a range of Brand Services to its Talent from across its three divisions. Our focus is to allow the individual to augment the scope of their activities and to maximise their brand value.
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    LICENSING /Licensing has become an increasingly important and lucrative avenue for our major talent to capitalise on their brand value. Strategic partnerships with appropriate brands serve to enhance the reputation and broaden the appeal of the individual as they
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    PUBLISHING /Over the years Storm has managed literary contracts for talent in a variety of categories including photography, cookery, health & nutrition & children’s fiction. In addition to the the book agreements, we oversee the promotion of the book and the
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    PR /We believe that keeping PR in-house allows us to develop tailored communication strategies for each person and their projects in order to achieve maximum awareness and “cut-through”.