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Manak Ali

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Born and brought up in a family with a history in Sufi singing,Manak Ali (from Nabha in Patiala district) started singing in early childhood under the guidance of his grandfather Edhu Khan Dhadi (who has received the Rashtarpati Award) and his Ustaad Bakur Hussain from Patiala Gharana.

Sufi and folk have always been close to Manak Ali’s heart. As well as Sufi Manak Ali also sings Qawwalis and Punjabi Ghazals and is famous for histracks “Saambh Ley” byYoYo Honey Singh’s album “International Villager” and his own albums “Mehran”, “Dastaar” “Nadiyon Par” and recently launched track “Je Lai Si”.



Live Shows

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Delhi Live Performance || Manak Ali || Main Nahin Hoon || 2016

Manak Ali || Live Performance || Saanson Ki Mala Pe || Ludhiana Show || 2016

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