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King Kazi

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King Kazi is an American singer/songwriter and composer living in New York City. He was born in India into a family of successful physicians, engineers, and professors. Knowing from a very young age that he possessed the heart of an artist, King KaziĀ  aspired to chase a much different passion.

When he was a teenager, he traveled to England on vacation and immediately fell in love with the city of London, where he stayed on to study music and refine his craft.
King Kazi is a versatile artist who made debut with his song Kala cobra that came under Zee music and Acme entertainment in 2016.He also modeled and sang for well acknowledged book and the winner of eLit awards “Blanket of Hearts” that won the title of best book in poetry category. King Kazi is a great performer who has incredible dancing skills that can set fire on the stage.He believes in thinking outside the box by composing original songs and creating sounds that have never been heard before. Professionally trained in London, and influenced by both Bollywood and Western pop music, King Kazi has a voice and a vocal delivery that will leave you completely spellbound.




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